Medical Clinic

Important Contacts

Emergency Services:
For medical emergencies, contact BC Ambulance.
Phone: 256-7111

Non-Emergency Health Questions:

Speak with a nurse, 24 hours
per day.
Phone: 1-866-215-4700

Speak with a nurse, 24 hours a day. On weekdays, speak with a dietician about nutrition and healthy eating, or speak with a pharmacist about medication questions.
Phone: 8-1-1

The Lillooet Medical Centre is equipped to provide comprehensive care for all aspects of family medicine. This includes obstetrics. Patients will be referred to the appropriate specialists when another opinion or special procedure is required.


Contact us:

Lillooet Medical Centre
Ph: (250) 256-7505
Fax: (250) 256-7591

107 – 8th Avenue, PO Box 850,
Lillooet BC, V0K 1V0