Key Sectors for Investment

Our vision for Lillooet’s future economy is thriving sectors in agriculture/viticulture, wellness and health services, sustainable tourism/hospitality and custom manufacturing.   Lillooet has a diverse mix of new residents, young families and those who wish to age in place, all desiring locally made, locally grown products and a wide range of health and wellness services.  


Lillooet’s unique climate and soils are ideal for agriculture and there is a community of organic farmers happy to support and welcome newcomers.  The Lillooet Agriculture and Food Society coordinates the Farmers Market and plans are in development for a central, cold storage facility.  Lillooet is also home to two wineries and is gaining recognition as a leading and affordable alternative to Okanagan.  Successful varietals include Riesling, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris.

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Health and Wellness

The 2021 Census reports 2,302 residents in the District of Lillooet (this number does not consider the neighbouring St’at’imc communities outside the muncipal boundary).  Over 30% of the District’s population is 65 years of age or older and is interested in all nature of health and wellness services.

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Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality

Sustainable and responsible tourism opportunities abound with businesses feeding from the significant volume of touring traffic on Highway 99 that passes Lillooet en route between Whistler and Banff.  Whether it’s a float on the Fraser River, angling on a lake, or a guided hike on one of many trails, there are many business and investment opportunities for tourism entrepreneurs.  Lillooet’s Main Street is quickly evolving as new entrepreneurs arrive and the District begins its downtown revitalization/beautification planning and programs. There is still time to secure your retail presence on Lillooet’s Main Street.

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Value-added Wood Products

Value-added custom wood products will find access to timber and demand from local markets as well as easy access to home builders in the Lower Mainland, Whistler and Okanagan. 

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