You can review the first reading of the OCP here:
 • Lillooet 2040 OCP - First Reading

An interactive proposed land use map is available here:
 • Proposed Land Use Map

Notice of Public Hearing for the new Official Community Plan
 • Notice of Public Hearing

The Public Hearing is scheduled for October 26th, 6-9pm in the REC Centre Gym.


Help Shape the Future of Lillooet!

We're updating the Official Community Plan (OCP) to reflect what we care about and what we strive to be as a community. The OCP is a guide to how we will use our land, and change and grow as a community over the next 20 years or more.  It will affect how we grow our economy, conserve our environment, and ensure our safety, happiness and prosperity. We're creating a roadmap together for the future!

Ready to get involved? Watch for engagement opportunities posted on this page, on Facebook, and around the community. Events and activities will respect COVID-19 mitigation measures.

OCP Update Process

The Official Community Plan process was launched in the summer of 2020, based on a four-phase process.

Broad, ongoing community engagement was the cornerstone of the OCP update process. Throughout each phase, input and feedback from residents, community groups and stakeholders were sought, summarized, and incorporated into reports and policymaking, shaping this plan from start to finish.

Phase 1: Project Initiation and Background Review

The first step set the foundation for community engagement through stakeholder interviews, background research and data analysis to better understand the local context. This phase surfaced initial challenges and opportunities, framing the dialogue on key directions for Lillooet and informing stakeholders about the project process.

At the end of this phase, a Background Report was developed detailing relevant trends and demographic shifts to provide the community with information they needed to participate meaningfully in the process.

Phase 2: Exploring Options

The second step focused on informing the community of the process though broad public outreach, increasing understanding of what an OCP is and isn’t, and obtaining high level feedback from residents on the vision for Lillooet, key opportunities, challenges, and priorities for the future. Activities included the public launch event at the Lillooet Farmer’s Market, community popups, self-guided walking tours, an online ideas sharing campaign, and a public survey. At the end of the phase, a Key Directions Report was developed detailing preliminary land use and policy options.

Here is a video of the January 18, 2021 Committee of the Whole meeting where the OCP consultants, MODUS, present the Key Issues and Emerging Directions identified from the first phase of community engagement: YouTube Video.

Phase 3: Draft the Plan

The third step focused on drafting the OCP based on the research, community input and stakeholder contributions gathered in Phase 1 and 2. The draft was tested in the community through an online survey, targeted stakeholder workshops and at an open house in a second round of engagement to garner high-level feedback and broad support.

At the end of the phase, the draft OCP was refined following feedback from these activities.

We are here!

Phase 4: Finalize the Plan

The final step, Phase 4, focused on making final adjustments to the OCP and guiding it through a bylaw adoption process in accordance with the Local Government Act. The OCP will be presented at a public hearing for final consideration by Council.

Review the Draft OCP Document (Currently at First Reading): Lillooet 2040 Official Community Plan

A digital proposed land use map is available here:
 • Proposed Land Use Map (Interactive)


LiLLOOET 2040 - Official Community Plan Update